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07-704 | Leader's Guide (Print Edition) - Parenting From The Tree of Life

07-704 | Leader's Guide (Print Edition) - Parenting From The Tree of Life

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The Leader's Guide contains numerous tools and resources to help class facilitators maximize their class time and relational investment. The Leader’s Guide parallels the Life Series Student Workbook  page for page. The leader’s section is located at the end of each chapter, highlighted by the gray tones and contains questions for discussion (with answers), scripture references, and practical at home activities. Class facilitators will also have access to lesson-specific email templates. The templates are in a format that will allow leaders to edit and add content or personalize the information to meet specific class needs. There is an email template for each visit and contains:

  • A short lesson review and key verses
  • Summary of the key points taught and discussed in each lesson
  • A guide to homework and reading assignments
  • Downloads specific to each lesson
  • Practical suggestions for teaching children the principles derived from each lesson
  • Embedded video links that will take parents to a video review page containing the various scenarios Dad and Mom viewed during their lesson. This is a fun way for parents to teach their children the key principles contained in each visit .


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